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Make New Friends Playing Bingo Online
Not only do you get to play Bingo and Instant games, you also have the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world! Just another reason to fall more in love with the magical world of Online Bingo.

For new Bingo players the chat rooms are especially helpful because not only can they chat to people from all over, they can ask for help from the friendly chat moderators, play chat room games and earn loyalty points.

Usually when you click on the sports bettors bets you want to enter, the chat room will automatically be open. If for some reason you can't seem to find the chat room, you can just look out for a "chat" button. If you are still not able to connect, it might be your firewall thatís blocking access.

At the top bingo players can see which chat room they are in. The chat moderators name is CM: #CHEllen# and there are 20 people chatting in this specific room.

The white block above the smileys is where you can type and chat to all the bingo games online for other bingo players.

The smileys portray emotions- click on one press enter and the smiley will appear in the text window.

The meaning of the most common abbreviations used in chat rooms are:

GL = Good Luck
WTG = Way to Go
BRB = be right back
TY = Thank You
LOL = Laugh out Loud
ROFL = roll on floor laughing
3TG = 3 to go (three more numbers to go before a player can Bingo)
2TG = 2 to go
1TG = 1 to go

Chat rooms are quite strict as in the Bingo world it is believed that everyone and anyone should be respected. So be careful, any bad language, racial remarks, chatting up or sexual remarks might just get you kicked out of the room!

Remember to go and read the chat rooms guidelines or regulations so you can always be on the safe side.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and have some online bingo fun!

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Reviewed Online Bingo - Some with USA Eligibility
Cyber Bingo

This popular online bingo site gives players access to the finest online bingo games and generous bonuses including $5 free to try it out and then $25 and play with $150. Check website for promotions details.
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Virgin Bingo

A name you can trust has one of the best bingo sites out there. Virgin quality extends to bingo with their cool bingo software, ease of use and bonuses including a 100% cash back bonus.
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32 Red Bingo

Big bonuses from a popular family of gaming sites. Get £10 absolutely free, a 100% depositing bonus and more. Check out their site for all details and promotions.
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Bingo Fest

Get $5 free to try out Bingo Fest. When you've decided you want to deposit, $25 gets you $150 free. Check out the Bingo Fest website for promotions and giveaways.
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Bet 365 Bingo

A fun online bingo site that offers tons of games and extras. Play bingo, casino games, poker and even bet sports all from the same account. Check website for current bonuses and promotions.
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Jackpot City Bingo

A reliable online bingo site for bingo players looking for a new outlet. Jackpot City gaming sites are easy to use and plat at. Get generous bonuses, player perks and use excellent software.
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Bingo Sky

A bingo site that pays you to sign up ($5 free) and pays you even more to deposit. Turn $25 into $150 and you'll be playing bingo for a long time. There's nothing to lose, give Bingo Sky a shot.
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Poker - Bodog Poker

Highly rated in all categories, this site has it all. Get big bonuses, easy gameplay and tons of poker game options. Always a poker game, always a promotion and always a way to win even more. Safe and secure, this site is worth a look.
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Poker - Intertops Poker

Intertops is well known in the gambling world and is getting a big push towards their poker. Be able to play poker, casino games and bet on sports all from the same account. They are getting big fast.
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Sports - Bookmaker

Bookmaker is by far the best bet out there. Solid, reliable and easy to use, they also offer big bonuses and promotions seasonally. Use their app to place bets with your IPhone, Blackberry or Android.
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Sports - Sportsbetting

The name says it all, Sports Betting. If you're looking to place bets on any sports, go here. You also get generous bonuses and bettor friendly lines. One of the oldest and best available. U.S. players accepted as well as easy deposit methods such as credit cards. Click here to play...


USA Players Please Note:

Although bingo is a popular game in the US, there are only a few reliable online bingo sites that accept USA players. Our recommendations:

Bingo Fest | Cyber Bingo | Bingo Sky

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